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What do I cover in “How to run a successful private practice: all you need to know. A workshop for psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors”?

Published: 21/01/2019

The next workshops are Manchester Monday 11th March, online Saturday 16th March, & London 30th April.  Find out more and book at: https://www.become-psychology-london.co.uk/private-practice-workshops-psychologists-psychotherapists-counsellors/ I first ran this workshop in 2015 and I will run my twenty third in Manchester on 11th March.  I have been consistently encouraged by the positive feedback I receive each time.  […]

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How a relational perspective can help understand and resolve ruptures or strains in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other collaborative models of therapy.

Published: 12/11/2018

I really like the idea of interventions as relational acts – that is, the same intervention can be experienced differently depending on a client’s characteristic ways of relating to themselves and others. This can mean for example, that a therapist who provides minimal structure might be experienced as self-affirming by a client who experienced controlling […]

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Helpful and unhelpful therapist responses to strains and problems in the therapeutic alliance.

Published: 28/05/2018

Is there a consensus based on research regarding what are helpful and unhelpful therapist responses to ruptures or strains in the therapeutic relationship? Yes, there is, and interestingly, research suggests that experienced therapists tend to make more unhelpful responses even after intensive training on the subject. I explain what helps and what does not in […]

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