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A good sex life is important to your emotional wellbeing and quality of life.  It is not uncommon for people to feel that they do not have the control they would like in relation to sex and feel distressed or worried about the impact their relationship with sex is having upon their broader social and emotional wellbeing.  I’ve been working with clients who feel that their sex life has become out of control for over ten years using Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT): a time limited relational model of psychotherapy.

How can a relational CAT based approach to working with Sex Addiction issues help?

A relational approach to formulation and intervention for sex addiction invites us to understand how the behaviour relates to your emotional and relational world.  We all have characteristic patterns of relating to ourselves and others:  these can be rich clues for formulating the relational drivers behind patterns of sexual behaviour that repeat in your life and so appear “addictive” or “compulsive”.

A relational approach offers useful ways of understating that sexual behaviours that you or others may have labelled addictive or compulsive can represent an attempt to find a solution to difficult feelings that have been triggered by repeated patterns of thinking and acting in relation to others and how you see yourself.

CAT is a formulation based approach which means I will work collaboratively with you to understand the factors behind the sexual behaviours that are distressing you, and we then use these understandings to find exits from the patterns of acting that you feel are limiting or harming you.  You can read more about CAT here.  What is Cognitive Analytic Therapy?

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More about me.

I am a Clinical Psychologist with 17 years’ experience in Sexual Health, and I am also an accredited CAT therapist and supervisor.  I have been working with clients with out of control sexual behaviour, including gay men affected by “Chemsex” problems, for ten years and now run workshops for therapists designed to help them work relationally with Sex Addiction issues.  I have published academic articles and presented at conferences on the issue of Out of Control Sexual Behaviour.

Dr Robert Watson
Clinical Psychologist (HCPC Reg. PYL20599).
ACAT Accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapist.
ACAT Accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapy Supervisor.