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Private Practice Workshops for Clinical & Counselling Psychologists, and Psychotherapists.

“How to run a successful private practice: all you need to know”: a workshop for Clinical/Counselling Psychologists, and Psychotherapists & Counsellors.

The course now has two modules. Module 2 is the GDPR advanced course.  Due to the increasing complexity of GDPR and UK Data Protection Law, and the increasing requirements for compliance, it is no longer possible to attempt to cover this topic in a one day course, alongside the other content, given its complexities and the risks to your professional pratice and reputation if enforcement action were to be taken by the ICO.  The separaton into modules also allows those already established in private practice to book module 2 only.    

Attendees from either module will be entitled to join our quarterly GDPR update and advice forum on Zoom for free, run jointly by Mark Burnett, International Data Protection Officer from Hope and May, International Data Protection Specialists, and Dr Robert Watson, Course Presenter, Clinical Psychologist & Accredited Cognitive Analytic Therapist & Supervisor


Module 1: How to run a successful private practice: all you need to know.  

Saturday 13th January, 2024 webinar. Cost £100.  This is the 65th run of this well-rated workshop.

Book here:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-run-a-successful-private-practice-all-you-need-to-know-tickets-740826430797?aff=oddtdtcreator

Module One Aims:

Setting up and running a successful private practice can be highly rewarding but it can be challenging. Many therapists feel uncertain about making the transition.  The workshop will help you:

  • Build a narrative of confidence as a therapist in private practice, and guide you towards helpful ways of relating to your work and self-management.
  • Understand and address the issues that you will face in setting up, developing and running a successful private practice including online working.
  • Learn about the practicalities of marketing, and how to incorporate an evidenced based approach to marketing (afternoon session allocated for this).
  • Know how to work ethically and safely, (including risk assessment)
  • Manage the demands on the self that come from working independently
  • Nurture a stimulating workplace for yourself.


Module 2:  GDPR Advanced training for Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors in private practice.

Friday 12th January, 2024 Webinar, cost £90.  This is the sixth run of this well-rated workshop.

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gdpr-advanced-training-for-psychologists-psychotherapists-tickets-741462443127?aff=oddtdtcreator

Like many others, you may think that a therapist in private practice has met their GDPR obligations by sharing their privacy policy with new clients, being registered with the ICO, and keeping client information safe. Unfortunately, your obligations are greater than this, and the new UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill due to become law in the autumn will add to your existing obligations. The most fundamental change from the new legislation will be the need to appoint to the new role of the Senior Responsible Individual. SRIs will replace the role of DPOs and will be required no matter the size of the organisation meaning that as a sole trader you will be the SRI. They will need to demonstrate knowledge and competence in data protection, making CPD an essential requirement to this role. Join us to fully understand your obligations and deeper your knowledge and skills for applying data protection law, including the UK GDPR, to your private practice. Following attendance, participants will be entitled to join our free quarterly GDPR Update and Advice Forum organised on Zoom, and they will also be entitled to use free of charge the telephone helpline of Hope and May at any time for advice on any urgent data protection issues.

Previous participants have said:

“Both Robert and Mark were also really down to earth and approachable and made me feel like no question was too silly to ask. It felt like a safe space to share dilemmas relevant to gdpr.”

“Really appreciated the applicability of information shared , rather than just cite legislation, the information was relevant and real life examples were offered, welcome d and thought through together”.

“Mark and Robert made a very difficult topic interesting and accessible. Delivery was really good. Examples of enforcement action illustrated points well. Opportunity for questions really good.”

Module 2 will cover the following:

Part 1:

1. How to make data protection integral to your practice. This will include what documents you need in place and how to ensure clients are properly informed about your intended processing activities.

2. How to demonstrate adherence to the GDPR principles of transparency and accountability.

3. Practical considerations around the nuts and bolts: how long do I need to keep records for, where and how do I keep them, what audit trails are needed, and what documentation must I keep.

4. Choosing the appropriate lawful basis. Where you are not using consent, you will need an alternative. This section will include information about safeguarding and appropriate documentation to support you where individuals may be at risk.

Part 2:

1. What rights do my clients have.

2. What if my client:

a) Makes a subject access request. How do I comply, and can I refuse?

b) Makes a subject deletion request. How do I comply, and can I refuse?

c) Makes a data accuracy request. How do I comply, and can I refuse?

d) Makes a request to stop or limit the use of their data. How do I comply, and can I refuse?

The course includes helpful guidance notes and document templates, and there will plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion throughout the day.


Workshop history:

I first presented what is now module one in December 2015 and the next workshop will be my 65th.  In 2022 I decided to split the course into two modules to enable adequate coverage of the GDPR.  I would encourage you to book, as I am sure like previous attendees you will find it useful and highly relevant for developing your own private practice.  All previous participants rated the workshop good or excellent, and rated their confidence in starting private practice as higher after the course.

Module 1 Workshop feedback.

Delegates liked the:

 Calm, reassuring, comprehensive review of most relevant issues. Liked & appreciated input of own personal experience, made it real”

“A great workshop on running a private practice. Plenty of factual information and examples along with the opportunity for self-reflection. Highly recommended!”

“Really detailed information about how Robert does it. Lots of opportunity to ask questions. Great focus on marketing”

“Being yourself, personal, open, transparent, warm & engaging – this enabled open discussion and inquiry”

“The specific guidance on practicalities – copies of therapy agreement are great. Guidance on outcome measures”

“Learning more about boundaries in private practice and issues arising and the need to hold onto these”

“Been a brilliant, informative workshop. Well worth the travel and emotional investment”

“Thank you. You’ve inspired me! It was exactly what I wanted to learn”

“I attended Roberts workshop on running a private practice last Friday 17th March. I found it informative and extremely useful. I’m going fully independent in May and this has certainly helped my confidence levels.”