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Private Practice Workshop Feedback London April 2019

1. Was the workshop fee:   

Too high (1)                Spot on (12)                   Too low

2. The workshop was:

excellent  (7)            good (6)             average              poor              very poor

3. Would I recommend this workshop to colleagues?

definitely  (13)            perhaps              no

4. Compared to before the workshop, my level of confidence about working in private practice is now:

Much higher (6)        Somewhat higher (7)         The same

5. How relevant was this workshop to developing my private practice?

Extremely  (12)              of some relevance  (1)          not relevant

6.  How adequate were any materials that were provided (eg reading lists, handouts)?

Extremely adequate (13)      of some relevance           not relevant

7. Were appropriate methods used to convey the material (eg group discussion)?

Very appropriate (11)      of some relevance (2)         not appropriate


What participants said they found most useful:

“The marketing and GDPR information was very helpful”

“A helpful mix of thinking about the practicalities and the clinical dilemmas and traps you can fall into”

“Robert’s sharing of his own experiences”

“Thinking through self-management in private practice”

“The practical elements in getting started in private practice: feeling much more confident now.”

“The workshop was both challenging and helpful”