Effective Therapy from Psychologists

online, and central & east London

Private Practice Workshop Feedback Monday 2nd July 2018.

Thirteen delegates completed feedback forms.  Numbers in parentheses. 


 1. Was the workshop fee:   

Too high  (1)               Spot on (8)                   Too low

2. The workshop was:

excellent  (4)            good (5)             average              poor              very poor

3. Would I recommend this workshop to colleagues?

definitely  (7)            perhaps (2)             no

4. Compared to before the workshop, my level of confidence about working in private practice is now:

Much higher (3)        Somewhat higher (6)         The same

5. How relevant was this workshop to developing my private practice?

Extremely  (8)              of some relevance  (1)           not relevant

6.  How adequate were any materials that were provided (eg reading lists, handouts)?

Extremely adequate (9)      of some relevance (0)          not relevant

7. Were appropriate methods used to convey the material (eg group discussion)?

Very appropriate (9)      of some relevance (0)        not appropriate


What participants said they found most useful:

“all.  Great balance of information and exercises.  Appreciated how Robert was welcoming of email enquires after the event.”

“very grounded and practical approach.  Liked therapy specific and targeted approach.  The workshop made me think and advance my plans for work.”

“marketing section was very good and gave me much more confidence to start up”.

“very useful slides and enjoyable day.  thank you.”

“useful to have an understanding of more detailed issues re: marketing, promotion, key messages”

“lots of interesting information, helpful exercises that got me thinking, and opportunities to speak to others in similar positions.”

“thinking about marketing and how confidence can affect your relationships to work”