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Online Male Sexual Problems Therapy Service.

Connect online from anywhere for cognitive behavioural sex therapy from professional clinical psychologists.

A good sex life is important to your emotional wellbeing and quality of life. As well as helping you overcome specific problems that may arise, sex therapy is also about helping you create the right conditions to enhance your sex life. Sex therapy uses cognitive behavioural therapy ideas and techniques to identify the psychological, emotional and situational factors that may be interfering with your sex life. Your psychologist will work collaboratively to design strategies to help you overcome the problem. It can help you whether you are in a relationship or not.  We can help you with any sexual problem or concern.

Premature ejaculation  is one of the most common – read more about our evidence based treatment approach here.


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To read more about other common sexual problems for men, see our Glossary for these conditions:

  • Impotence (erection problems)
  • Painful intercourse for gay men
  • Delayed ejaculation (inhibited orgasms in men
  • Sexual desire disorder (loss of interest in sex)
  • Sex addiction/Out of control sexual behaviour