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Eating Disorders

Many people struggle with food, eating, and their body image. These problems often remain hidden to other people, but can have a pervasive impact on your life; undermining your confidence and making every encounter with food and/or your body fraught with stress, guilt and uncertainty. The cycles that keep eating disorders going can be particularly hard to shift, and many people with eating / body image problems feel frustrated and hopeless having made several unsuccessful attempts to get better.

The good news is that with the right specialist help you can overcome your eating problems. Initially, we will identify where your problems with food (and/or your body image) came from and what keeps the problems going now. Then we work together to give you the skills you need to develop a healthy relationship with food and to feel self-confident about your body. The length and type of therapy depends on your individual needs, and we will discuss a range of options with you during the assessment.

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