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Chronic Health Conditions

We have specialist experience in working with clients and/or their partners/carers across a wide range of chronic health conditions including HIV, CFS/ME, cancer, diabetes, renal failure, chronic pain. Our role is to help you adjust to, accept and actively manage your illness and the impacts on your life and relationships, to ensure the best possible quality of life. Typically the types of issues we work on include:

  • Coming to terms with the diagnosis and implications for relationships, family, work, prognosis, disclosure
  • Managing symptoms, treatments side-effects, interventions
  • Adapting to new treatments
  • Anxiety, panic, depression (as a direct result of the illness or old problems which have come to the fore since your illness)
  • The impact of your condition on your relationships, sex life, social support
  • Coping with additional problems: e.g. chronic pain, difficulties working
  • Coping with discrimination, disability, and loss
  • End of life / palliative care issues